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Mothers Day

Could there be a more guilt-inducing holiday? Can one be a mom without having anxiety about failing as a mom? We are keenly aware of our housekeeping shortcomings, our impatience, and our in ability to get it all done.

Mothers Day sermons are some of the hardest to sit through. Pastors praise us as we squirm. The morning prior to church was a blur of children trying to give us a terrible breakfast in bed when we were already late, leading to shouts of HURRY AND FIND YOUR SHOES ALREADY!!! Or they forgot altogether and we spent the morning nursing hurt feelings, which still isn't praise-worthy and we know it.

This Mothers Day, my oldest son is graduating and about to leave the nest and I realize that all of those Mothers Day goals to get my act together and actually earn those Mothers Day card sentiments are now unattainable. I can't go back and change any of it and the memory I've given him is now permanently fixed.

If you're a mom struggling this morning, I share my consolation: The very fact that you are aware of your shortcomings means you CARE. you are trying. You love your children and they know it. They see your failures, but they also see your efforts. They see your imperfections and they see you seek grace. It's a very good example for life.

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  1. Stop what you doin' right now, wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze reeeal tight. From me to you sweetie, you are a wonderful Mother. (I know these things) Anyone makes you feel any different...send 'em to me...I'll take care of em!!!


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