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Snow Days

It wasn't a grand quantity of snow, but we made the most of it. Three days of half-hearted school work and devoted sledding!

We managed to get breakfast, bible studies, and math in before sledding. Then lunch and some Treasure Island before more sledding. Then English and History. Then nothing. Sweet nothing. Cocoa, books, video feels like Christmas.

Ethan's homemade sled 

A sweet brother pulling his sister

Gracie didn't quite weigh enough and just kept sliding down the sled.

my baby growing up


  1. Love this! We're expecting a few feet here soon.

    1. I'm so excited for you! Ours seems to be finished for a little while. I actually had to put on real pants and do grown-up stuff today. I wasn't ready. :D Enjoy your sweet snow days!

  2. You DID make the most of your snow! We got over 2 feet here last weekend. It was ridiculous. It's the middle of April, for pete's sake. I made the most of it by staying in my pajamas for the entire weekend. On a positive note, my mom ordered me some dressy boots so I can't fink out of church anymore.


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