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Christmas Knitting

Christmas always puts me in the mood to knit. It's ridiculous because there's no way I could actually start and finish a project in so short a time, but December has me browsing patterns and daydreaming anyway. After yet another year of regretting not starting sooner, I've decided to just start knitting and getting a jumpstart on next Christmas.

I stocked up on some fun yarns during Craftsy's big yarn sale earlier in December and downloaded some fun patterns. Craftsy is having a huge sale on their classes and they have a fun sweater class I'm looking forward to trying The Seamless Artemisia Sweater class. It's just under $10 this week and will teach me to knit a sweater completely in the round with lots of neat detail and information that I can apply to future projects.

The week before Christmas is probably a weird time to be thinking about New Year's goals, but I'd like to aim for a project per month. This week is a good time to plan for it, thanks to pre-Christmas sales. I know sitting and knitting might sound silly for a busy homeschool mom already struggling to find time to get it all done, but it is a nice creative outlet and perfect for the nervous energy that makes it hard to sit still for family movie night or long rides in the car.

What are your projects? Did you manage any fun gifts this year? Can you recommend a pattern for me to tackle this next year?

A week of Christmas School in our house

We've wrapped up the first week of Christmas School. I've enjoyed digging a little deeper with the girls this year, while still enjoying our familiar Christmas lessons. We start each morning with our Advent prophecy verses and our Jesse Tree memory work. The boys showed me how to use our Chromecast, so I can show them our lessons and YouTube videos on the t.v. They split off for math and Bible study and then we gather together again for geography and crafty things.

This school year, I've tried to implement a lot more geography into our weeks and Christmas School has provided a great chance to work on it even more.

There are so many options for Christmas School that we never manage to hit everything. The one thing that is always constant is our Jesse Tree. 

This year, we somehow misplaced all of our Jesse Tree ornaments! Joel, the 15 year old, is working to create new ornaments out of clay. We've never done 3D ornaments before and they're a fun change.

We've studied Norway, England, Russia, Germany, and Latvia this week. There was coloring...

Symmetry lesson hijacked by an artistic 12 year old. And glitter.
 There was baking...

Pfefferneuse cookies from our Norway  lesson
 There was cutting and pasting...

Christmas cards from our England lesson.
 The Christmas cards are always a favorite. The rules are: Nothing but paper, scissors, and glue. The 15 year old cheated this year by writing the words "Police Box" on his, but it was too adorable to argue.

The Doctor
We're looking forward to next week's lessons

Christmas list printable freebie

My bunch are all making Christmas cards with scraps of paper, glue, and glitter. While they destroy the dining room, I wanted to hop on quickly and share a little printable I whipped up to help with organizing. It's not anything terribly special, but I hope you enjoy it, all the same: