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Jesse Tree Freebie

I love Thanksgiving. It is absolutely my favorite holiday. Family, food, and God's undeniable gifts overwhelming just doesn't get any better. My family loves Christmas, but we guard Thanksgiving very carefully. No Christmas music is allowed before the Friday after Thanksgiving. The decorations stay hidden in the attic until Thanksgiving is fully over. 

However, the week after Thanksgiving is the start of Christmas School and I have to get ready ahead of time. I try to sneak in my printing and planning early in the morning while the kids are sleeping. This year, I've created a new copywork book for them, introducing a new Jesse Tree verse for each day of the week.

Subscribers to Simblissity Cottage receive a free copywork of the Jesse Tree Copywork eBook. Register to access your copy.

*If you are already a current subscriber, you should have already received your download link. Contact me if it hasn't shown up in your email inbox. 

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