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Adrenal Fatigue and Dehydration

A few months ago, I bought a super-fancy bathroom scale that records your profile and tells you your BMI and hydration level. Knowing anything less than 50% shows dehydration, I was confused when mine registered as 45%. I drink a lot of water and assumed it must be out of calibration. To compare, I had my husband try it. He drinks an inordinate amount of coffee, so I was shocked when his read 50%. I decided it must be broken and decided to take it back.

In my typical distracted fashion, I forgot to take it back for several weeks. During that time I began to piece together new information about adrenal fatigue and hydration levels. Basically, the body doesn't process water properly when the adrenals are stressed. This is a key reason patients are encouraged to eat lost of salt. It really didn't matter how much water I drank, I could NOT get the scale to read above 46%. It's no surprise that brain fog is a primary symptom of adrenal fatigue; patients are constantly dehydrated!

After a few months of eating primarily a ketogenic diet, taking natural progesterone at night, and adrenal supplements each morning, It now reads 48% hydration. Considering the fact that most of the material I've read says it will take at least a  year to heal the adrenals, I'm very encouraged by this improvement. My metabolism is also waking up. Over the last few months, I've lost 15 lbs!

Amazon's Reviewsio

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