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New Books for a New Year - Ancient History

Thankfully, most of the books for this year were already on the shelves. We're starting over with Year 1 of our history cycle: The Ancients, and everyone is excited to begin. Here are some of the things we're looking forward to using again:

Story of the World 

I think. I also ended up with a Beautiful Feet guide, which we've never used before, but I like the look of it. We have nearly all of the corresponding books. I also like the look of Ambleside Online's history outline. We've enjoyed them in the past. What I reeeeeeally like the look of is Truthquest, but I can't justify spending that much money on a new curriculum when we already have access to three others.

History of the Ancient World  (for the older set)

Philosophy Adventure (for the younger set)

This one isn't a definite. I know I love the program, but I'm not sure if my girls are ready for it. They are 4th and 6th. This lists 6th as the minimum age. I really probably shouldn't push it. But I really like it...

The Greeks

I worry about overkill, but I can't NOT share this with my boys. Multum non multa. We've covered ancient history before. I do not want this to be another year where we cover data. I want to discuss literature and ideas. Philosophy. Art. This is something we dabbled in for a bit last year, but this year we will dive in all the way.

The Bible
If you prefer secular material, please do not discount this. Even if you're not a Christian, the Bible is a very important piece of literature. A foundational piece of literature. I don't think one could really consider themselves well-read without having read at least some of it and having some familiarity with its stories.

As Christians, we appreciate it for much more than its literary merit. This year's focus on the Ancients really brings the Old Testament to life, as we better understand the times in which the forefathers of our faith lived.

Amy Pak's Timeline Figures
These are truly the best timeline images out there. You can choose to print them in different sizes, with or without text. They come with a handy list of each figure, listed chronologically, to help you plan your year. The sets include Biblical events, which I greatly appreciate.

Map Trek

The quality of these maps is incredible. We've used them in the past. The Atlas is a beautiful book that you'll want to enjoy browsing, when you should be grading geography papers. Something new we'll be trying this year, is the outline that integrates Map Trek lessons with your regular history spine! 

Beyond that, there will be lots of reading of lots of great books. Our literature studies will revolve around GilgameshBeowulf, The Iliad, Greek plays, Plutarch, Aristotle, and more. Son #2 will get to compare Till We Have Faces with the Cupid and Psyche myth. I have a feeling there will be plenty of trash television going on to offset the brain strain.