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We've had a touch of rain lately. Lately, being since the snow stopped in April. The river you see below is a dry creek bed that intersects the road to my house. Occasionally, rain accumulates and runs down the hill enough to trickle through the dry creek bed. Very rarely, water builds up enough to be noticeable. Those rare moments have been happening at a bizarre frequency lately. 

We've had to spend several nights in town with family because it was uncrossable. That seemed so inconvenient until this morning. 

If you look at the other side of the creek, you'll see a flattened field of grass. The grass was taller than me last night, but the creek got up so high while we slept that it ran over the fields beside it. There were 44 cows in the field when we went to bed. There were 2 there this morning.

Chris has spent the day scouring the county. They've been showing up miles away. There are only 8-10 unaccounted for now. Those found weren't in great shape.

On the bright side, the county has now recognized we exist and are grading the road daily, so we're able to get in and out using a back road. The house is on a hill and safe from any flooding, thank goodness.

We've learned a lot of lessons through the years and I'm sure we have plenty more to learn. Right now, I'm thankful for the many lessons in learning to Trust that God has us in His hands. There is an incredible peace, knowing He will take care of us. It doesn't always look the way we want it to look, but He has us in His hands and there's no place else I'd want to be.

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