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Spring on the farm

I've barely blogged all spring! That should be a sign of a busy life, but I feel like I've just been spinning in circles. It's been a heart-heavy season, as we've dealt with some confusing things at church. It's been a downright-comical season as we've dealt with the complications that crop up so well sometimes. It's best summed up with pictures.

Honor grabbed my arm and begged me to come outside and take a picture so she could keep this moment. A picture can't capture spring dew turned silver on grass. I love it anyway because it represents her wonder and excitement. They are all so happy to be out here, finally.

The bane of my spring. Every day, I vacuumed up a pile of ladybugs this size. DAILY! They were so cute to me last year. My, how perspectives change.

A sad part of our spring included the loss of our beautiful dogs, Sherlock and Watson. There were many more dogs that went missing at the same time, and it looks like theft. Who steals dogs?? We waited a few months, but the coyotes were nearing the yard and we needed to get more dogs for the farm. Meet Shepherd and Kaylee. They are a sweet brother and sister pair who are very gentle and will likely just try to cuddle if coyotes visit. 

My sweet father-in-law surprised us with a gift of morels. Delectable gift! 

I had never seen hail like this. There were hits across the entire window and glass in the car, but we were on a road trip and had to keep going. That was an adventure!

Church. Our family and home. It's been a season. There have been many highlights this spring. Sweet  and broken worship, meals with church family, Bible drill, derby car races, tea parties, picnics. I love my church. My heart hurts for my hurting church.

My sweet mother-in-law brought me this amazing gift from the bounty of her yard. I loved it!

Septic systems are not something city-folk need to worry about. This was a new adventure. Our youngest walked up casually and asked me, "Did you know that when you flush the toilet, a small fountain bubbles underneath the bush in the yard?" No. No I didn't know this. How long have you known this? "Since we moved in." In November. Thankfully, my father-in-law has lots of great tools and toys and we had the equipment to dig where we needed to dig. The ancient rock wall and grandma's irises did not fare well. This will be an ongoing project, but the immediate emergency has passed.

This view welcomes us each day, as the kids grow and learn and thrive. We're quite honestly exhausted in every way right now, but there's a peace within though there's a turmoil without. 

We survived our very cold (very expensively cold) winter, realizing that changes needed made so we don't get snowed in and stuck at home in the future. And now we've wrapped up our first spring, full of adventure and promise. We're ready to settle into our summer. Ready to work and enjoy the steady hum of simple, purposeful days. Oh-so-very ready. 


  1. Simple peaceful days here on the Ponderosa??? Your funny girl but go ahead and dream BIG!!!

    Have a great day sweetie.

  2. toys hmmm quite useful toys what a joy to live in the ozark hills pop

    1. I can't imagine what we'd have done without those useful toys! I shudder to think...


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