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Hearts for Home Blog Hop

Hearts for Home is a blog hop that shares posts that encourage families, provide trips and tricks to surviving this parenting gig, or fun and meaningful lessons for students. Join us by linking your helpful posts or just enjoying the gems featured.

Last week's most viewed post was How Do You Wash Your Face by La Quotidienne.

The following were my personal favorites:

I'm not a narcissist,but 
I was pretty proud of this one.

Organizing in the midst of
renovations is hard,
but necessary for my sanity.
A timely post, as we stress over
transcripts and lesson plans.

And here is where you link up, or read the link-ups:

Hearts for Home

Last week's most-clicked post was My Little Pony Trays by Monster's Ed.

 And here are my personal favorites from last week:

Write Your Own Irish Blessing by Nest in the Rocks
Leprechaun Trap by Mosswood Connections

Is it inappropriate for me to say that I was a big fan of my own link to March Writing Prompts for reluctant writers?