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Hearts for Home Blog Home

Last week's most-clicked post was a tie between Hoggat Homeschool and A Nest in the Rocks.


Featured winners can grab this code to display on their blog so other readers can know where to join in the fun:
Hearts for Home Blog Hop
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 And here are my personal favorites from last week:
  • Discovering the Secret Place by F. Dean Hackett, which features my favorite verse. 
  • More Than Fasting; A Deeper Look at Lent by Kids in the Word makes Lent with the family look very doable. It also helped highlight the need for replacing rather than just sacificing. 
  • It's Better to Walk Alone by This Sweet Life shares a very important point. It is nearly impossible for a teenager see that the loneliness that can result from making that hard decision is very temporary and well worth it. In high school, it feels like you'll be alone and "strange" for the rest of your life. But it is so, so worth it. 
  • Middle School Civil War Resources by This Sweet Life shares some great stuff that we'll be adding to our list this month as we study this era. And, apparently I need to be reading This Sweet Life more since I really enjoyed two of her pieces in the same week.
I intended to limit that to three top favorites, but that's really really hard sometimes.

And now it's time for this week's Blog Hop. If you're a blogger, link on up! If you are a reader, enjoy! The list will grow throughout the week, so be sure to check back.

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