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You Need A Budget

You really do. But you know that already. I knew that, but still struggled to get things organized until this last year. I created many budgets on paper, in spreadsheets, in programs....but never managed to carry them out for more than two weeks.

I've tried many different programs, but none have helped me get a true picture of where my money is going. One came close: Dave Ramsey's envelope system, but it requires carrying around large amounts of cash and is just not practical these days when nearly all of my bills are paid online. YNAB is basically a digital envelope system and it is a perfect fit for me.

It requires me looking at regularly, but it takes very little time to do so and for some crazy reason, it makes me WANT to look at it regularly. I enjoy staying on top of it. It feels like a game now, seeing how much I can roll over to my next pay period. No more paycheck-to-paycheck. I've waited many months before sharing with anyone my thoughts on the program, wanting to be sure it wasn't a fleeting fad for me. This one stuck.


  • The tutorials are short and sweet. You will be able to start budgeting within minutes of downloading. 
  • YNAB shares simple, yet helpful courses and articles to help you learn how to save and organize your money. These come in optional emails and do not overwhelm you all at once, but are paced out for baby steps.
  • There is a free phone app that syncs to your YNAB account, so you can always check to see how much you have budgeted and available for items. You can also update it from your phone so that your spouse knows you've filled the gas tank, bought groceries, etc.
  • If you are a college student, it is absolutely free! Very generous!
  • There is a free one month trial with no need for a credit card or commitment to try. I am so glad I tried it. I don't generally spend money on things that have free alternatives elsewhere, but this came very highly recommended by several friends. The free trial convinced me it was worth the investment. It quickly paid for itself. 

I cannot recommend YNAB highly enough.  And if you use my link, you will receive $6 off of your order, and I will receive a $6 commission.

$6 off YNAB

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