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Water on a farm

Last week, I shared about my transition into getting my act together. Little did I know what would come next...

My son showered and, like the fancy-free teen he is, walked through wearing only a towel around his waist. I saw his back and gasped! It looked like it was covered in bruises! Closer inspection revealed that he had some purple liquid clinging to him, not bruises.

"Oh, yeah!" he said. "The tub looked really funny, but I thought my water was reacting with some funky cleaner of yours." (note to self: your all-natural experiments are scaring the children)

I ran to the tub and found this disaster. I called my Mother-in-Law for her country living wisdom. Being a city-girl, I didn't know if maybe this was just something that happens occasionally? Thank goodness, it is NOT part of country living, she assured me. My dear Father-in-Law checked out the well situation and it turned out our well-pump was giving up the ghost.

Dead well pumps are not something we worry about in town. Dead well pumps can apparently turn your water purply grey.

Purply grey water pumping into your house can apparently clog up your water heater and your washing machine. Lovely. Both of those died. And all of it, just hours before an ice storm hit. We decided to abandon our country living for this emergency and shacked up at my parents' house. I'm so thankful for them!

Happily, I am married to a clever jack-of-all-trades who was able to flush out the water heater and make life wonderful again. And HE is son to another great fixer, who replaced the broken well pump to get water running again.

The washing machine was still broken, but God has such cool timing. The week before this incident occurred, a different part inside the washer broke. That clever husband of mine ordered a replacement part. The amazing part? That part he ordered for last week's problem also fixes the new problem. So, being already ordered, it arrived in the mail just a couple days after we needed it, fixing both problems.

I have water! Everywhere I need it and no place that I don't!

Lessons that can be learned from this:

#1 Never take water for granted.
#2 Make sure your kids know purple water is NOT okay.
#3 Always have water storage on hand, just in case.
#4 Marry a clever guy.


  1. Country living - I used to think I wanted to live in the country but I think I am a city girl even though I grew up in the country. Thanks for the county living tips.

  2. Yep, out here in these hills and hollers smack in the middle of Nowhere, USA water is a huge issue. We are always on top of payin' out plumbers well and on time ya never know when your gonna need 'em in the next water emergency. Take care of 'em and they will show up on a hot summer Sunday afternoon. 'Just sayin'. Have a fantastic day filled with clear, fresh spring fed well water. :o)


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