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Same Kind of Different as Me - a review

I had several friends tell me that they loved the book Same Kind of Different as Me and that I had to read it. They also described sobbing uncontrollably while reading it. "Keep a kleenex handy!" they said. This caused me to dismiss everything they said about the book after that. Why sign myself up for the ugly cry on purpose?

Eventually, I ran across it at the library, staring at me as I browsed the shelves. I recalled that even though The Book Thief invoked my Ugly Cry, it was on my list of favorites. I picked the book up, avoided it for a week, and then finally settled in to read it.

I was hooked. I've learned that the more I like a character, the more likely chance that character is going to die in the end, so I after I fell in love with one of the characters, I was tense through the rest of the book just waiting for it to happen. *maybe it did, maybe it didn't. I'm not giving anything away here.

About halfway through the book, I discovered photographs and realized the book was not a riveting fiction story, but completely true. I didn't recall friends describing it as non-fiction and I didn't read the details on the cover to realize the characters in the book were the actual authors. What a delightful surprise!

The story tells the tale of two men, one a homeless man who was the victim of modern day slavery and the other a loaded art dealer. It is the story of their unlikely friendship. It's also the story of grace, redemption, servanthood, and obedience. And more.

Trust me. You have to read. And keep the kleenex handy. 


  1. Just ordered a 1 cent copy of the book based on your recommendation. I loved The Book Thief so I figured if we both liked that then I would like this one too. Thanks.

  2. Yay! You'll love it. It wasn't on par with The Book Thief and didn't invoke the ugly cry, but it DID make me cry several times. It definitely made me think.


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