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No Time for Navel Gazing

We're settling into the house happily. We've been here a couple months and have still managed to not bring any of our pack-rat habits with us. I feel like it has freed me up to do more and enjoy more. Habits are just different. I noticed how different just yesterday. I pulled out an index card to write down my list of what needed done that day, but before I wrote a single jot, it hit me: I can just DO what needs done. I don't need to write it down! Just do the next thing that needs done and eventually it will all be done. So freeing!

The real test for our habits will be next week when we begin school. We worked so hard on house renovations and outside activities that our humanities were pretty well abandoned last semester. We barely tackled history. We will be buckling down and sticking to a strict schedule this semester. It's time to turn off all electronics and contact with the outside world during school hours. This is probably the hardest part of homeschooling for me now: staying on task and shutting out all distractions. But it will be done. 8:00-3:00 will be focused time.

With Chris' hours and the boys' evening orchestra, this means our family time will need to be carefully guarded. I remember when they were tiny and I was desperate for some time alone. Now I am desperate to grab each moment we can get all together. Ages and stages. Content in all things.

This last year, I shared the little lessons God had been walking me through, the simplest and clearest being "It's not about you". I hope they helped someone. I fear it came across as deep navel gazing. Regardless, it's no longer the season for such things. It's a step out and do it season, not a sit down and examine it season.

If I wipe down my stove after every meal, it takes five minutes to clean. If I wait until the end of the day, it takes half an hour. If I fold clothes straight out of the dryer, it takes five minutes. If I fold them while watching a DVD, it takes the full length of the DVD. It's a "doing" season. Doing doesn't mean non-stop work. It means Work First, Play Second, and have time to enjoy the play with the stress of chaos around me.

I'm not choosing a word. I'm not making a goal. I'm just doing what needs done. I'm going to read a lot, because I enjoy it. I'm going to seek God and dig into His Word because it's the air I breathe and I really like to breathe. There will be many days that I'm not going to feel like doing any of the things that are good for me. I'm going to fail. But it's going to be okay. I'm also going to try my best. 

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  1. It sounds like you are at a wonderful place in your family at this time. Enjoy.


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