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I have no personal goals for 2015, just a determination to walk in what I've learned and to do the next thing that needs done, hopefully learning lots more along the way. It helps to see it all lined out on paper, to gain perspective. I'd like to share the little scraps of helpful things I've found, in hopes they can help someone who has shared similar struggles. Thoughts and advice are greatly appreciated, especially for the topic of school.


This last year we began using You Need a Budget, also known as YNAB. I've tried many different programs, but none have helped me get a true picture of where my money is going. I shared more detailed thoughts on it in this post, if you're interested. If you purchase YNAB with my link, you will receive  $6 off of your order, and I will receive a $6 commission. There is a free one month trial with no need for a credit card or commitment to try.

A free budgeting option is Mint. It was not a good fit for me, but it is a solid program and perhaps it is just what you're looking for.

If you are operating on a two-week pay period, Moola Saving Mom shared some tips on How to Budget With Paychecks Every Other Week


I haven't chosen a reading plan or anything special this year. I am focusing most strongly on my prayer journal. I am finally able to enjoy some quiet time alone in the mornings and will enjoy coffee, prayer, and Bible study. After nearly two decades of parenting without that time alone with God in the mornings, I am so incredibly thankful for it now.
Ministry Mom's 365 Days of Praying for Your Children
Satisfaction Through Christ shared 10 Unique Bible Reading Plans for 2015
Messy Theology shared a post that challenges us to examine our perspective: Suffering or Prosperity

Goal Setting

I'm a sucker for printables. I print them and use them for three hours. Then I think of all of the things I want to tweak, so I create my own. I use those for two weeks and then give up. I'm not even trying this time around. But here are some I ran across in case you're interested:

Stuffed Suitcase's One Year of Monthly Goal Setting Worksheet Printables 
Purposeful Homemaking's New Year's Printable

The Home

There are lots and lots of links out there to help you simplify and downsize. I've tried an embarrassing amount of books and programs to get my house in order. None has worked as well as Motivated Moms and the book Organized Simplicity. These two things combined are a game-changing power house. A power horse? highly effective.

In case you want a less effective free motivator, this one looks helpful:
Gone Storage Solutions: 52 Weeks to an Organized Home

The Menu Plan will be an ongoing part of life that helps the house run smoothly.


No program or printouts, just sitting down and making it happen. I confess, my fingers are kind of crossed here. I really want to buckle down and do this without distraction to a level that I have never accomplished before. I am thankful for the flexibility our year-round homeschooling affords us, but we are all craving structure right now. One of my children even requested he be put in public school just so he could have a more formal routine.


Katie Marcum's How to Get Your Blog Organized in Style
Inspired Bloggers offers advice on Choosing Your Platform
My Joy Filled Life created this amazing (and very affordable) blog planner.
Fabulous Blogging's Get Your Blog Ready for the New Year 

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