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Catching up

A few million years without internet. Or weeks. Whatever.

We DO officially have internet now, but my hard drive gave the death rattle when we plugged it in, so I've still not been able to connect. My beautiful mom has loaned me her laptop so I can finish a few projects and say hi to y'all!

What we've been up to:

Still caulking every gap I find that lets in a breeze. It's chilly, but it's beautiful. Totally worth it.

Chris has worked more overtime than he has worked in our entire marriage. Things are slowing down now, but he was working 80 hour-per-week shifts. The boys and I finished the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition series during this time. We watched them an hour or two at a time, after the girls went to bed.

I've had two weeks of sick kids, including one trip to urgent care for one that suddenly turned to me, gasping and making the sign for choking while trying to form the words, "I can't breathe!" Terr-if-IED me. Bad case of croup & a-typical pneumonia. All better now.

We've decorated the tree, danced to Christmas music, and watched a lot of movies. And puzzles. Lots of puzzles.

We gave up when we got down to JUST glazed. They're all identical. Uncle.
My oldest is wrapping up his first dual enrollment class tonight. He's taken Chemistry through a community college, learning from the same teacher that taught both of his parents. She's amazing and I love that he had this opportunity.

Both boys participated in an orchestra and performed last night. It was beautiful!

We have puppies! We wanted an outdoor dog to watch over the kids and alert us to strangers. We ran across someone giving away beautiful pyrenees, anatolian, and sheperd mix puppies and we brought one home. But he was lonely, so we went back and picked up his brother. Still stuck on names.

Smokey and Bandit?
Romulus and Remus?
Spurgeon and Luther?
Fezzik and Inigo?
Jake and Elwood?
Han and Chewy?
Calvin and Arminius?
Mozzie and Caffrey?
Merry and Pippin?
Abbott and Costello?
Shepherd and Jayne?
Orville and Wilbur?
Fry and Laurie?
Sherlock and Watson?
Bill and Ted?
Tolkien and Lewis?
Starsky and Hutch?
Axl and Slash?
Rocky and Bullwinkle?



  1. Phineas and Ferb
    Frodo and Sam
    Calvin and Hobbes
    Tom and Jerry
    Me and You
    (that last one has us all laughing...)

  2. Your FIL commented on how good you are behind the camera. Great Pics girl!!!

    I'm quite surprised you left out Pinky and The Brain. Are you pondering what I'm pondering? Heeehehehe, have a great day sweetie!!! :o)


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