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52 in 52 December Week 2

We had a flu bug this Christmas, canceling many of our regularly scheduled Christmas School activities. It did give us a chance to catch up on our movie watching though!

Muppets Most Wanted

 We all loved it. Typical muppet fun. There was one scene that would have terrified mine for weeks had they been any younger. Kermit's evil look-alike turns suddenly and has sharp metal teeth in his mouth. It was oddly out of place in the movie and would have ruined it for us just a couple years ago.

Frosty the Snowman

The girls loved it, while everyone else endured it. It was short, so we all lived.

Emmett Otter's Jug-Band Christmas

My older boys remember watching this one when they were younger but can't stand it now.. .like, leave-the-room can't stand it. The girls liked it, but it wasn't a huge hit.

Nutcracker, the Untold Story

Creepy and weird. There was some great music,

While You Were Sleeping

What kind of parent lets her kids watch While You Were Sleeping? I know, I know. It does have some less-than-edifying content. Mine are old enough to recognize when to turn their heads and to have some great discussions about this stuff. I am loving this stage of life and the great talks we're having.

Amahl and the Night Visitors

We watched, transfixed. Maybe that's not quite the word. We were horrified. And yet fascinated. Everyone was sick and miserable and we laughed throughout the whole thing, unable to turn away. We're philistines.

Mr. St. Nick

Awful. Simply awful. This one surprises me that it was a Hallmark Movie, though its been years since I've seen the Hallmark channel, so what do I know? The villain woos Santa's son and they move in together. She's shown scantily clad several times, including fishnet stockings while dressed as a saucy Mrs. Claus for a commercial shoot. Pretty much terrible, but the kids were sick and I was exhausted and no one had the energy to turn it off. Thankfully, no one had the energy to pay much attention to it either.

The Inheritance

This was made in 1997 and yet I somehow never heard of it until this year. It's Canadian and cheesy, but we all enjoyed it.

Holiday Inn

We all loved this one. It is a hilarious classic. Fred Astaire is fabulous in it!

White Christmas
(another must-watch clip if you've never seen this)

 Another classic and another hit with the family.

Despicable Me

It's a rewatched favorite. Thanks to last year's present from Aunt Misty, we owned Despicable Me 2. The girls have been asking for DM1 ever since and they finally received it for Christmas this year. I forgot how awesome it is.

Sleeping Beauty

This was another Christmas present, thanks to an Amazon Lightning deal of $7!! My favorite part of watching this movie is watching the KIDS watch this movie. Honor cracks me up. When Briar Rose throws herself onto her bed in a fit of tears after hearing she's is betrothed to a prince and cannot be with the man she loves, Honor snorted and said, "That's right. Because she met him five minutes ago and can't live without him." I love that they are so much smarter than I was as a kid. They fascinate me.

It's probably sad that I know we've watched more than this, but I can't think of the titles at the moment. Our brains have been fried with television and fevers. We've had more than our fill of movies and have voted to switch 2015 to family GAME nights instead of movie nights. 

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