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Green Acres is the place for me

We made the big move to the country over the last couple weeks. It was a stressful couple weeks. My grandma passed away, Chris had to work a LOT of overtime, and the kids came down with a nasty cold. We're still fighting that bug.

The house is drafty to the point of hilarity. We've laughed a lot over the size of gaps we've found. We weren't laughing when it it 8 degrees. But this gorgeous view makes it totally worth it.

No pictures of the house to share yet.



But I can share some of the wisdom I've already learned:

#1. Do not polyurethane a floor just before a polar vortex sweeps in, making it ridiculously cold for airing out the smell. And DEFINITELY don't polyurethane it the night before moving in. And DEFINITELY don't try to poison your favorite people by inviting them to come sleep over in your noxious living room.

#2. Always wear gloves when applying that expanding foam sealant in a can. With a 6 inch dispenser straw, it looks so innocently safe. It's not. Don't fall for it. And wear a ponytail. Trust me.

#3. Mice don't mind eating through foil. I knew, being surrounded by fields, that the nasty cold weather would send mice into our warm(ish) home. I thought I had things packaged carefully. Apparently mice eat through foil gravy packets? Yes, I use brown gravy packets. Don't judge. It's my comfort food.

#4. The world keeps spinning without internet. We had some kinks pop up with getting internet to the house. The phone company still doesn't believe me when I tell them our house exists. It has made getting writing deadlines and picture-sharing annoying, but we've survived just fine. In fact, I kind of like it.

#5. Propane is expensive, but boy does it make for a nice stove. My cast iron and I are LOVING this gas stove.

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