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Countdown to Thanksgiving!

Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links. It may also contain a review of items provided to me for free with the understanding that I would share my honest opinion. I am telling you this because FTC Regulations say I have to. 

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It contains the least pressure and practically zero commercialization, while providing a day (even several days) of family fellowship...not to mention some incredible food.

On top of these fabulous reasons for enjoying Thanksgiving, I love that the entire month is decorated with the beauty of changing leaves and reminders for God's many blessings.

To help us celebrate all month long, my family will be working through Amy Puetz's new eBook, Countdown to Thanksgiving.


 This book counts down to Thanksgiving, sharing a story and an activity for each day, beginning two weeks prior to the big day. Most of the stories contained in the book were written in the 1800s and early 1900s, some of which have not been republished since their first publication. The stories give a unique glimpse into Thanksgiving through the years and life in the olden days. The activities include recipes, games, songs, and more.

I've reviewed for Golden Prairie Press before and shared about the impressive quality of their material. This does not disappoint.

Countdown to Thanksgiving has a colorful cover page, but the interior pages are black and white for cost effective printing. It is also nice to view on an eReader or tablet.

There is a sale running on theCountdown to Thanksgiving Ebook until the 13th. Hurry and use the code THANK to receive $5 off of the regular price of $17. That would make this $12 for a book you can use every year as a November tradition.

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  1. That looks interesting. I am planning to celebrate Thanksgiving this year though it will be a bit of work and will max out my kitchen.


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