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They that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength....

I've been around enough now to know that these seasons come and go. I've learned that kicking against the goad doesn't hurry the season along at all. If anything, it slows things down so that I can learn my lesson. Resistance is futile. I might as well ride it out.

God has always come through. He has never let me down. And yet, knowing all of this inside out, my heart still hurts. He knows my prayers and yet I don't see His hand moving. I pray for an increase and daily I see decrease. I seek comfort; I feel abandoned. I KNOW that I am not alone. I KNOW that He is going to end this season with His beautiful flourish. But I feel desperation.

My circumstances are currently a weight. His command is to wait.


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    1. Danielle, I am so sorry. I do not know you, but I'm crying for you as I type this reply. My heart aches for you as it aches for my own situation. I'm praying for you as I pray for myself: that He will lift up our eyes and that we will know where our hope comes from.


"Man lives by affirmation even more than by bread." - Victor Hugo