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 adjective \və-ˈvā-shəs also vī-\
: happy and lively in a way that is attractive
Synonym: My daughter, Honor.

Every child has a unique personality. Honor's uniqueness is striking to us because she is so unlike anyone else in the family. She was raised with us in our simple ways and our crude humor, and yet she independently developed her own sense of propriety and modesty, of daintiness and femininity. These she pairs with her flamboyant personality to display a vivaciousness that amazes us anew each day.

Synonyms for Vivacious include:
livelyspiritedbubblyebullientbuoyantsparklinglightheartedjaunty,merryhappyjollyfull of fun, cheerycheerfulperkysunnybreezy,enthusiasticirrepressiblevibrantvitalzestful, energeticeffervescent,dynamic;livelyspiritedbubblyebullientbuoyantsparklinglightheartedjaunty,merryhappyjollyfull of fun, cheerycheerfulperkysunnybreezy,enthusiasticirrepressiblevibrantvitalzestful, energeticeffervescent,dynamic;

These all describe her well.

Recently, our scrawny bundle of happiness celebrated a birthday. She requested a Greek Goddess themed birthday. She loves ancient history and has been on a Greek myths kick for several months.

I was clueless on how to decorate until the day before her party when it dawned on me that we had skads of blue gauzy fabric in a storage building at church that could be the clouds of Mount Olympus. Wedding cake columns on top of blue cream cheese frosting made another Mount Olympus replica. I picked out a stack of paint chip samples (is that bad? I've never done that before) and cut them to sew up a quick pennant banner for the background. Their imaginations fueled the rest of the party.
They are trying to make "serious faces". 
The girls spent the weekend reading myths and playing pretend. There was a lot of pretend school going on, where the girls taught each other basic goddess knowledge. I threw in lots of "We all understand that this is for fun, right? There is only one true God and His name is not Zeus. We all get that, right?" while they threw in lots of "Yes, ma'am; we know."

I loved watching them play. I love watching Honor's freedom and confidence. She can be a bossy twit sometimes, but she means well. She has a blast and sometimes forgets to be sure everyone else is having fun. It's not that she doesn't care, it's that she is fairly confident she can persuade them to have fun doing it her way. And she's usually right. That vivacious personality is irresistible.

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