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U is for Underwear

Earlier this week, I found underwear in my crisper drawer.

Little girl skivvies that somehow got tossed in just the right direction at just the right moment.

Underwear in my refrigerator, people. This is how we roll. My life is running in such a way at the moment that finding underwear in my crisper drawer wasn't even all that much of a surprise, nor was it hard to imagine how they got there.

I shared it with just a few people the day I discovered it, you know, for grins. But since I'm a full week behind in my ABC post and because I know there is a mom out there somewhere who is despairing because she thinks she is the only one living in chaos, I thought it best to be real and literally air my dirty laundry for the world.

*edited to add: my brain is also operating at the same level of chaos as everything else in my life right now and I did not think at all when I did an image search for "underwear" to share with you. Don't search for underwear images. Just don't.


  1. That is a new one. Thank you for the laugh. We are adjusting to calling it pants and calling pants trousers.

    1. Oh, that's a new one for me! I didn't know that. Hmmm. I usually call them skivvies. My girls call them panties. My husband calls them "underwears" because he knows it drives me nuts.


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