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Image Sources

I've recently discovered some new creative commons image sources that I want to share!

Freepik - this one has tons of great vectors, but does require you to reference Freepik.

Photopin - I've shared this one before, but it's worth mentioning. It does require you reference the artist, but it has great search options. Attributes get old and I hear they can even get sticky sometimes.

Unsplash - this has no search feature to speak of, but the photographs are breathtaking. They are perfect for pinterest posters. They also do not require any attributes.

Morgue File - this has a great search feature. I haven't run across any pics require attributes, but I haven't found a disclaimer promising that none of the images will require it. Always check the fine print with them first.

Pixabay - great search, free images, zero attributes required. Not as huge a selection as some, but great stuff and headache-free.

Do you have another favorite source for free images?

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