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Back to School!

Much as I've tried to suspend time, the fall semester keeps looming closer and closer. It is hard sometimes to get into the right mindset and focus on the upcoming year. It would be easier if there weren't a thousand other things vying for attention, as I'm sure you well know. My family homeschools year-round, so we're still wrapping up other subjects while I'm trying to get motivated to introduce new subjects.

Though life has refused to pause, we're down to the wire and I have decided that the upcoming week will have my full organizing focus every day. Well, except the two days we have doctor appointments. And the planning meetings for our new fall program starting up at church. get the idea. And you have the same busy schedule, so you totally know where I'm coming from.

Something that helps me every year is to stop and read thoughts from other homeschooling mamas. I need the encouragement that comes from hearing about other moms talk about their plans. I need the opportunity to glean from the wisdom of those who have found their groove. I need the tips and tricks. I need to see school supplies on sale. The creative juices get flowing and I find myself ready to dive in with a fresh enthusiasm. 

This year, there are over 50 mamas contributing such articles to the Back To School Blog Hop. Perfect timing! Ahhh! 
Back to Homeschool Blog Hop

Join me this week as I share what small bits I have to offer by way of encouragement, tips & tricks, and been-there-done-that advice. 

I have 11 years in the game and I've learned a thing or two. But mostly, as in life, I've learned that I really know so very little and I have lots more to learn. 

While there are many groups participating in this week's blog hop, I'd like to especially draw your attention to this group of ladies, whom I'm teaming up with:

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