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Trident iPad case - a review

A couple years ago, Chris won an iPad in a contest. It isn't something we would have purchased on our own, but it was certainly something we were happy to have. It quickly became a family item, with everyone clamoring for their turn. And then Chris won another iPad in a different contest. Crazy! He finally has his own uncluttered iPad and the rest of us are enjoying the other one.

A couple months ago, my daughters dropped it. They sat it on the edge of a table and then bumped it off. It was in a case, but it received a slight crack in the corner. Nothing terrible, but it's there. I'm thankful it wasn't worse, but it made me a little leery about handing the device over so freely to the kids. Thankfully, just a few days later, Trident Case sent us a TOUGH iPad cover, called the Kraken. Doesn't that just sound indestructible? Technically the cover name is Kraken A.M.S. Case for Apple iPad 2/3/4.

This protective case reminds me of my phone case. It's of a different brand, so we won't discuss names, but it is an incredibly tough case and well known for its ability to withstand rugged use. I was thrilled to see that something similar existed for the iPad.

It was really easy to put the device into the case. The Kraken just snapped right over it, completely enclosing the iPad. It has hardened polycarbonate edges, with shock-absorbing silicone sections at each corner and along the sides. The rubberized sides are nice for holding it up. The corners give it added cushioning for bumping. The case includes a hard, plastic screen protector that goes over the front. Once on, it looks just like the regular screen. I think that it might be a little slower to respond to touch, requiring a tad more pressure sometimes. It isn't bad and you quickly become accustomed to it. It's well worth the payoff.

The device controls and ports are also covered in silicone. These are attached almost like a hinge, so you can pop them open. They are easy to access, but the charging port feels very loose. It comes open on its own sometimes and doesn't feel like it has a good seal on it. Of course, we had zero seal with our last cover, so it's still a huge improvement.

Our volume controls were broken (another accidental drop from a table) but somehow this new cover has fixed the problem. Prior to the Kraken, it would suddenly start dropping in volume and then turn off the sound. This puts pressure in just the right spot apparently, and the volume controls work as good as new. The volume itself works great and isn't muffled at all with the cover.

The one thing I miss in comparison to the old case, is the ability to prop it up in its case. Our old case let you fold out a cover and stand it up at an angle. This was great for watching videos. Trident sells accessories that work with the cases, and I need to look into investing in something to help with this.

Trident offers many different cases for many different devices. This particular case costs $69.95, which is a lot cheaper than the replacement cost of an iPad.

What else might you need to know? It includes dust filters, it's military tested, it withstands wind and rain, it withstands extreme vibrating, and it is made in the USA. It's a tough little booger. And we needed tough.

The kids aren't the only ones that mistreat the iPad. I take it to church to read my music on and I can't tell you how many times I've dropped it off of my music stand! But now I can swing it around like hymnal. With the rubberized edges, it isn't sliding off of anything. The kids are back to doing spelling, playing games, and watching Animaniacs without me holding my breath.

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