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Spring is in the air!

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This past winter was long and dreary. I'm not generally affected by the weather, but this year was the closest I've come to getting the winter blues. It was just so....grey. Bleak. Dreary. 

Suddenly spring is upon us and signs of life are everywhere! Every time I go to the grocery store, I can't resist buying flowers. My budget warns me I shouldn't, but how can I resist? Did you know you can buy flowers at Aldi's?? $5 hydrangeas, $3 hyacinths, and $3 tulips! 

Much as we are all itching to be outdoors, spring also means SCHOOL. There is a renewed energy to our work, as we see how much we slowed down since Christmas. Summer is just around the bend and we'd like to do less school than usual during the summer months. What classes can we hurry up and finish so that we can be done with them through the summer?

Though we are motivated to have less schoolwork, we can't resist adding in new classes that require us to be outside. I have always been terrible at incorporating nature studies, and every spring I try again. This year, I have my friend Beth from Acorn Hill Academy holding my hand and walking me through the process. Nature studies come a little more instinctive to Beth, but knowing that I need a checklist and clear instructions, she gave me some ideas for creating some simple nature journals to start us out. 

Be sure to check out Beth's ideas for nature studies and feel free to use my journal pages. I'd love to hear which ones are a hit with your family, so be sure to come back and leave me a message.

I created two journals for you, and each contains several different font options. Scroll down through the pages to find the font style that suits you best.
Illustrated Nature Journal
Observation Page

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