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52 in 52 for March

March was a challenge for us to fit in enough movies to reach our goal. As soon as I returned home from my  week-long trip, my oldest son left for a week-long band trip. On top of that, my husband has been working a lot of overtime and the idea of staying awake for a movie hasn't appealed all that much. Because of that, not all of these movies were actually enjoyed together at the same time, sadly, but we tried!

This one was a mistake for my younger viewers. They didn't seem to mind it, but I minded. Much too intense and dark for little girls. 

Nacho Libre
Boy, was I on a roll for picking inappropriate movies for children, or what?? That said, I am embarrassed to say that we laughed. A lot.

Mirror, Mirror

The scene I've shared here is actually a special clip that runs after the credits. The movie is not a musical, but this bollywood-style dance number at the end was a treat for my bollywood-loving girls. This was a fun fairytale movie with enough laughs to be entertaining to all ages in our family. This time around, the boys did not watch with us, but they have seen it all together in the past. This time around, us girls watched it during a sleepover party.

Escape From Planet Earth

We had never heard of this movie before. I'm not sure how we missed it. It featured the voice talents of Brendan Frasier, William Shatner, and many more. It was goofy and featured your basic boy humor including bathroom jokes and food fights, but it was fun and inspired some good conversation. One brother is not respected because he's a geek. This never seemed to REALLY change, though there was significant improvement. Arrogance in the older brother made a good object lesson. This annoyance is very minor and probably not worth mentioning, but a stay-at-home mom is also disrespected by the "bad guy". In the end, because she is able to kick-rear and save the earth, she is seen as respect-worthy, but I feel the need to insist that the quiet job of loving our children and keeping our homes is quite respect-worthy all on its own. Still, we all really enjoyed this one together.

Chennai Express

This one was borderline on the appropriate scale. Not worse than Nacho Libre. Perhaps better since the objectionable scenes were just fistfights that my girls easily turned their heads from. There was also a scene where the main character smack talks while intoxicated. It was brief and not very bad.

This was a bollywood movie that required reading subtitles. My 8 year old had to have a few scenes explained when they talked too fast. It was a beautiful treat for the eyes and ears. It also made EXCELLENT discussion. The main character is a decent enough guy, but has no idea what it is to love someone. He's immature and self-centered. But he learns in the end. We were able to discuss the foolishness of any girl who might fall for him.

There are our March movies! I would love to hear what your family has been watching! (or advice on what to avoid!)

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