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My trip to Paris was insanely amazing. There truly are no words to describe how beautiful it is. It is overwhelming. I'm going to try sharing pics, but it hard to narrow them down. I took over 700! I'll attempt round one today.

We began with a couple days in London. London is beautiful in a gritty, full-of-character kind of way. I fell in love with the UK with my first Jane Austen novel and I knew I would love this leg of the journey. It doesn't compare in beauty with Paris, but it was still my favorite part of the trip, though I couldn't say why. It just felt like home.

First thing on the agenda? Find the Tardis!

Next, the changing of the guard:

A walk in Kensington Gardens:

A visit to Big Ben:

The British Museum:
This one was very special to me. This is a portion of an Assyrian wall plaque describing the bringing of the tribute from King Hezekiah. It's just one of many, many things that corroborate the Bible as a reliable history account. There were so many incredible things here, including the Rosetta Stone! I wish I could share ALL the pictures!

Final moment in London:

I loved riding the train all over the city. "Please mind the gap" became a catchphrase of the trip. I hated to leave it, but Paris soon eased the sadness. More to come....

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