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Paris photos

Part 3 of my "World Traveler" series. 

*Just in case it doesn't come through in print very well, I'd like to point out that the 'world traveler' title is very tongue-in-cheek. I'm a girl from the sticks. This was a HUGE adventure for me. I am not experienced in world travel and am just sharing all the things that fascinated me along the way. Well, a few of the things. Really, there were a thousand times more THINGS, but I don't want to bore you.

Moving on.


We rode through the chunnel to get from London to Paris. I was surprised at how similar the french countryside looked like Missouri (the flatter bits.) We grabbed fresh bread and an array of cheeses from a market and settled into our little flat. We had to climb 10 flights of ancient stairs to get there every night. This was our incredible view:

The first night there, we headed out for a walk. Oh, the beautiful walks!

I have no idea why we felt so completely safe on these walks at night. But there was nothing sinister about it. Just a beautiful place.

We crossed the Seine and headed toward Notre Dame.

The moon was covered in clouds at first, but then it peaked out and gave us a beautiful night sky.

It took 200 years to build this incredible cathedral, beginning in the year 1163.

The side view features fascinating drain spouts. Not something I'd want spitting on me!

The rear view features flying buttresses (obscured with trees in this photo) which I'd heard of, but never seen before.

The inside is even more incredible, but I'll share those pictures another day. 

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