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52 in 52 for February

This month's movie watching was made especially exciting because we now own a television! It definitely made for a more comfortable viewing experience. 6 of us crowding on a bed to watch a computer monitor across the room can't compare to sprawling on couches to watch a large screen. 

The Lost Medallion

Lifeway had this at the checkout counter on sale for $5 and I couldn't resist. It is a Christian Family movie that was actually rather well done. It was incredibly cheesy, around the level of a made-for-tv cable children's network movie. Alex Kendrick, the actor from Courageous and Fireproof plays a small role of a storyteller. The rest of the movie is the story he is telling. It was aimed to elementary aged children, so our watching experience was peppered with teen boys giving commentary.

"Not just any pineapple, it's a pineapple that grows in a TREE! And OH LOOK! It's genetically modified to grow with coconuts!"

"And then they stumbled upon an ancient village made up entirely of women wearing t-shirts from Old Navy.

It was fun for all ages, if you allow some sneering from the teens. There are several deaths in the movie, caused by the bad guy dipping his nasty long fingernail into poison and then puncturing people in the neck with it. Gross. My girls are 8 & 10 and are a bit more able to tolerate scenes like that now. They would not have liked this when they were younger.

Meet Me in St. Louis 

This one was enjoyed by all. It wasn't anyone's favorite, but it was enjoyable. There is a young sister in the movie who is a macabre little thing and she kept us cracking up throughout the movie. There are some in our party who don't like musicals, so I was surprised this went over so well. In the end, I suppose there was no real plot. But it was pleasant and entertaining.

The Olympics

We didn't see nearly half of it, but we enjoyed what we saw. We even missed the opening and closing ceremonies. But we loved the figure skating and snowboarding and more. With the amount of time we spent watching the Olympics, there wasn't time for another movie and we greed this counts. I teared up when Shaun White fell. Dancing on ice was a brand new concept to my girls and they fell in love with it. Sarah was an Olympic fanatic all week long, but I'm pretty sure it was because she got to spend the entire time snuggled on daddy's lap.

The Strongest Man in the World

As cheesy as the other Kurt Russel Disney movie we watched last month, but still a fun evening. This one didn't feature much of Kurt Russel at all, just some at the beginning and end. We realized from this one that we have watched them completely out of order, though it is the order they came in on the 4-pack DVD set from Amazon. The order the Dexter Riley series should be watched (for anyone interested) is:
  1. The Horse in the Grey Flannel Suit
  2. The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes
  3. Now You See Him, Now You Don't
  4. The Strongest Man in the World
It has been a busy month and I am so glad that we've had this goal to keep us purposefully setting aside a night where we all sit and laugh together. We didn't sneak in time for much evening reading or game playing, unfortunately, but we're still making family time a priority.

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