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Winter days & debates

Like most of the country, we've had snow this past week and with it, we lost all desire to work diligently. Honestly, I think the kids are more willing than I am to persevere and finish our work. It's really too cold to play outside much, no matter how well we bundle. Everyone has their own project or book luring them away, so we haven't even cuddled up to read much.

We took more school time out to watch the debate yesterday. It took all day to work through it and we did have some interesting discussions. When it ended, I asked the boys to share their thoughts. Joel very seriously declared that he was convinced evolution is the obvious answer. I raised an eyebrow and asked, "Really?" He insisted that yes, it blew creationism out of the water. "Interesting," I said, "Please expound!" He kept it up for about ten minutes and he me worrying about his grasp of logic. I finally said, "Joel, you understand that there is a-" He interrupted and said, "I know all about the line where jokes cease to be funny, but I just love prancing all over that line!" He ended this with a big grin.

Prancing? How do I not have grey hair yet?

I thought the debate was handled very well. I was impressed with both sides. We disagreed with Nye and I was pleased that the boys seemed to be able to articulate why. I was glad for the opportunity for them to see differing viewpoints presented respectfully. We really can disagree and still get along.

I was nervous about it beforehand. While I agree with his science, Ken Ham's arrogance has turned me off of using much of his material. I was afraid of how he would represent Christianity. I was very relieved to see him speaking humbly and clearly. I was truly impressed.

The week is nearly over and we are barely beginning our schoolwork for the week. Company is coming and our house looks like we spent the week in our pajamas. Which we did. Where did our motivation go?? How do you dig deep and get the family moving again when you just want to hibernate?

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