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Tip of the day

I use my kindle every. single. day. The kids use the kindle app on the ipad to read school books, I tuck my actual kindle into a zip-style sandwich bag for baths, hubs and I use the kindle app on our phones to entertain ourselves while waiting on errands.

There are tons of free books to be found and we make great use of these for school reading, but another great feature is the ability to upload PDF files to your device. Even if it isn't available as a kindle book, there are many ebooks to be had in PDF format, which are easy to read on the kindle or kindle app. This also works for .DOC and HTML. Here's how:

Sending Documents to your Kindle

  1. Identify your kindle email account. An email address is generated for every installation of a kindle app or kindle device purchase. Visit this page to find yours.
  2. Tell Amazon to approve the email address you'll be sending from by visiting this page. Click on "Personal Document Settings" and scroll to the bottom to add approved document emails. 
  3. Compose an email to be sent to the email address you just identified
  4. Attach the file you would like to upload
  5. To convert the file to Kindle format, type "convert" in the subject line. This allows you to change font size, make annotations, and whispersync the text once uploaded.


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