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Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus - a book review

I did something brand new for me! I listened to an audiobook while NOT riding in a car! We've always loved them as a family, for road trips. This time, I borrowed my son's MP3 player and enjoyed the audiobook as I cleaned the kitchen and knitted a sweater. It was amazing! And possibly a bit addictive! Of course, it helps that I was listening to a fabulous book.

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus is the true tale of Nabeel Qureshi's journey from being raised a devout Muslim to his conversion as a follower of Jesus. 

I knew I was in trouble when I had only listened a few seconds. The dedication at the beginning of the book, read by the author himself, had me bawling like a baby. It is dedicated to his parents, who are still in the Muslim faith. It is so honoring and beautiful, you can't help but cry. 

The entire book is read by Qureshi and it is read very well. His voice is clear and soothing; his accent is soft and mesmerizing. Obviously, the story is very personal to him and his emotions come through in his reading perfectly. 

The story itself is also incredible. It was beautiful to soak in his loving childhood. It was very informative as to the beliefs of his family. I was unaware of how much disagreement about doctrine that there is within different Muslim beliefs and Qureshi walks through them carefully and respectfully. I found his descriptions of East vs. West thoughts about guilt/shame societies to be very illuminating. It truly is a completely different perspective and makes an incredible difference for anyone with the opportunity to be a witness to a Muslim. 

I couldn't put it down and my kitchen is now sparkling.

I received this book, free of charge, from the christianaudio Reviewers Programin exchange for my honest opinion. All views are expressed are my own.

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