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Lazy Bum

So we've been implementing the things I've gleaned from the Shirley Solis videos and I've realized something terrible:

It's all my fault.

All of it! The forgetfulness, the slow pace, the procrastination...they get it from me. It started with our Morning Five. The first video recommended holding up my hand, showing five fingers to remind them to do their five things before the ate breakfast.

1. Make Bed
2. Get Dressed
3. Shower
4. Take care of dog
5. Bible Study

No one eats until they've done these things. Ethan missed breakfast before he headed off to band. Once is all it takes. Once we stopped our Christmas break and started our regular routine back up, it hit me that this means I have to have my five finished and then I have to make the breakfast in order for this to work. I didn't realize how lax I had become in our morning routine. I can make that morning routine take 2 hours some mornings! No wonder we get off to a rough start!

Such a simple thing, but it has changed our whole day. 

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