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Goals for 2014

Our family goal this year isn't to eat more vegetables or do better deeds. It is to watch more television. Is that terrible?

We've taken to scattering in different directions in the evenings and our new goal is to gather together for reading, board games, and family movies. I've done several years of the 52 books in 52 weeks plan. We're doing a 52 movies plan! Obviously the games and reading sessions will have us bonding even more than the television watching, but this made a fun goal for us and will help cement the habits of time together. It falls in line with our word of the year quite well, really.

If you knew us well, you'd understand how bizarre this goal is for us. We love to read together, but we don't watch much television. We don't even have a television, but are watching on a computer monitor.

We started our goal last night by watching Despicable Me 2, which was a blast. It was immature and included bathroom humor, but it was still hilarious and we had fun cuddling up on our bed with the kids.

Here are the movies on our Watch List (not in order)
  1. Despicable Me 2
  2. Herbie the Love Bug
  3. Strongest Man in the World
  4. The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes
  5. Princess Bride (favorite)
  6. The Lost Medallion
  7. Meet Me in St. Louis
  8. Holes & Nacho Libre (they were not hits and probably shouldn't count as 2)
  9. Mirror, Mirror
  10. Escape From Planet Earth
  11. Chennai Express
  12. Muppets in Space
  13. Frozen
  14. The Sandlot
  15. That Darn Cat
  16. Arsenic and Old Lace
  17. Saving Mr. Banks
  18. Kid Histories
  19. The Lego Movie
  20. North and South
  21. Brewster's Millions
  22. Doctor Who: The Widow and the Wardrobe
  23. Ever After
  24. Horrible Histories
  25. Elf (favorite)
  26. MegaMind (favorite)
  27. Horton Hears a Who
  28. Veggie Tales
  29. Wreck It Ralph
  30. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
  31. Peabody and Sherman
  32. Christmas Vacation
  33. Francis the Talking Mule
  34. Hoodwinked (favorite)
  35. Meet the Robinsons (favorite)
  36. So Dear to my Heart
  37. National Velvet
  38. The African Queen
  39. Babe
  40. Misty
  41. A Man Called Peter
  42. Shane
  43. Black Beauty
  44. Secondhand Lions
  45. Herbie Goes Bananas
  46. Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo
  47. Herbie Rides Again
  48. Horse in the Grey Flannel Suit
  49. Now You See Him
As you can see, the list isn't nearly long enough and I could really use some more ideas.  It will get easier at Christmas time, with so many Christmas favorites, but I'm not ready to think about those yet. In the meantime, we're entertaining boys and girls ages 8 through 16.  We tend to avoid things with witchcraft or my-purpose-in-life-is-to-find-my-prince themes. Any suggestions for us? What is on your family watch list?

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  1. We have movie nights in the summer when we string up a screen in the backyard and use a projector for "drive in" movies. We tend toward older films that have less objectionable material. You might try Disney's So Dear to my Heart, National Velvet, and The African Queen.

  2. We are joining in on this little challenge. We have decided to watch a new movie every "Movie and Popcorn" night. This is usually Friday, but sometimes it is Saturday. Each week this year we are going to watch a different movie. It may be one we have seen before it may be one that is new to us. We are going to go through the alphabet twice. We started this weekend with Alvin and the Chipmunks and will be watching Babe for the letter B. Now I just need to blog about it! We do watch some Disney movies that have magic in them, I hope it is okay to link those up.

  3. I recommend "Misty," which is the movie based on the book "Misty of Chincoteague." My daughter loves the book so it was neat to actually see the pony penning in the movie. We just watched it last weekend as a family. The older Lassie movies are good, too. Another good one is "A Man Called Peter" about Peter Marshall, former Chaplain of the Senate. It's based on his biography written by his wife, Catherine Marshall, who also wrote the Christy series of books. We don't have TV (cable or network) and only watch classic movies/TV online or from the library, with the occasional new kids' movie thrown in. We saw Despicable Me 2 at the drive-in this past summer just because we wanted the fun family experience of seeing a movie there. =0)

  4. Wonderful! Sorry it took so long to see these! Blogger decided they need moderating and I never received a notice about them. These are all new movies to me and will be added to the list!

  5. I love this idea and can't wait to keep up with your movies this year! We don't subscribe to a television service and are *always* looking for wholesome family movies. I have a "to be read" list but never thought about making a "movies to watch" list! Thanks for the motivation! And thanks for linking up your weekly series this year. :) Be blessed!


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