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Building Character with Children

Every year, I try start things out right with a parenting book to refresh my memory on this very important parenting gig. This year, I've started watching these free videos from Shirley Solis instead of a book. We've only gone through a couple so far, but they have been fabulous.

I'll be honest; I kind of pride myself on my parenting. I work hard to be a good parent. But as diligent as I've been to learn the best way to do things, I've still be happily surprised with the simple tips shared so far. In one week, attitudes and habits are already improved.

Are you frustrated with your children's attitudes? Do you wish the children helped around the house without needing to be prompted over and over again? Want to start the year off right and finally train your children consistently? They are all natural parenting struggles and they are all covered in this series.

Building Character with Children 

Building Character with Children is a brand new video-based program with homeschool mom, author, and speaker Shirley Solis. In these short, 7-minute videos, Shirley shares her experience as a mom of 6 children, with tips and tricks to build strong, desirable character traits in your children! In Building Character with Children, you will learn:
  • How to train your children to learn a new habit in just a few minutes a day (so you won’t have to keep repeating yourself!)
  •  The 3 reasons why your children don’t do their chores AND what to do about it!
  • What to do about sibling rivalry and how to resolve conflicts easily and peacefully!
  • The #1 reason why children are lacking character today and how to change that!
You do have to register with your email address before accessing the videos, but I did so a week ago and my inbox hasn't been bombarded in any way. I really love everything I've seen so far and would love to hear your thoughts!

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