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Blissful Homeschool Essentials (part 4)

Yesterday, I mentioned having children do a Bible Study during their morning routine. Today, I want to focus on that. Training children in God's Word is absolutely essential to our homeschooling. Obviously, it's not essential to homeschooling as much as to parenting, but homeschooling does provide the advantage of extra time to focus on it.

In all honesty, it is easy to forget sometimes. Friends start talking about the impressive book lists their children are working through, the college credits they are earning while in high school, and the complicated essays they are writing. I begin to compare. I know better, but I do it. It doesn't matter if I was proud of their accomplishments just moments before; one word from another mom and it suddenly feels like we're all reading picture books, will never graduate, and are still forgetting when to use they're/their.

A good friend gave me the excellent advice to always remember why we started this homeschooling journey. I didn't start homeschooling so that I could one day write up a pretty transcript. I didn't even start homeschooling so that they could get into a good college. I wanted to give my children an excellent education, raising them up to be men and women who love God. I want them to live lives of integrity.

One way I work towards that is to raise them in the Word. This has looked different through different ages and stages. Our earliest devotional was Words and Thoughts to Help You Grow. I loved those moments cuddled up with my toddlers and preschoolers, pointing to things in the pictures and talking about what we read. I highly recommend this for a beginner devotion to do with your sweet littles. Kenneth Taylor actually has quite a few early devotionals.

Stepping Stones was probably our favorite devotion as a family. It was written so well and was enjoyed by our 4 year old all the way up to our 14 year old. In fact, there were many mornings that mom and dad found it quite needed! It has been hard for us to find many books that we felt really suited us to do as a family. Part of that may be that we were spoiled with this gem. Nothing else has suited us so well.

The study we're enjoying together now is Training Hearts, Teaching Minds. It is a collection of family devotions based on the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Each week features a different question. Each day of the week studies that question from a different perspective. These have been very enjoyable and something that everyone has been able to learn from. We went several years without a good fit and I wish we could have found this sooner!

We like to do a family study when we can all be together, but the kids still have a separate devotional time before breakfast. My teen boys recently enjoyed the ebook Bible study from Doorposts called Because You Are Strong. The girls really liked the Bible Study Guide For All Ages. We're now ready to start looking for another study and I would love to hear suggestions. What have you loved?

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