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Blissful Homeschool Essentials (part 3)

1. Realistic Expectations
2. Morning Routine for Mom

And today?

Morning Routine for the kids. I confess, I just discovered this last week. But it has changed the way our entire days have gone and now that we know how great it is, it is absolutely essential. We call it our Morning 5. It took less than five minutes to implement and we love it.

We've always had a list of things that had to be accomplished before school started. At some point, everyone needs to eat and brush their teeth. The dog has to be walked and fed. I'd love for them to be dressed and have their beds made, but let's face it: those are low on the priority list.

Last week, I watched this 7 minute video from Shirley Solis and immediately implemented it. Shirley recommended listing five things that need finished before your child eats breakfast. If they don't finish, they don't eat. Mom doesn't need to nag or interrogate, just hold up five fingers and raise an eyebrow.

Now, the kids do their five immediately upon waking:
1. Make beds
2. Get ready (shower, brush hair)
3. Get dressed
4. Take care of Pet
5. Have Quiet Time

As I shared earlier, this has been quite convicting to me, requiring me to accomplish my 5 in plenty of time to do my #6: actually cook the breakfast.

In the past, we could take up to 2 hours to accomplish just 3 of the things on that list. We could delay starting school till lunch time. Once started, we could stay in pajamas till supper. Not always, certainly, but we definitely had our days. I am amazed at how quickly this made such a huge difference. Our morning routine is wrapped up tidily within an easy hour. Two weeks ago, we had lessons lasting till supper some nights. Now, everyone seems to be finished by 2:00!

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