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52 in 52 (movies) for January

In case you missed it, my family made a goal to watch 52 movies in 52 weeks this year. We've had a blast with it and wanted to share our progress.

This month, we started with Despicable Me 2. It was funny and stupid a nice way to "waste" an evening together, cuddled up and laughing at nonsense. There is some bathroom humor and it was, in general, idiotic, but it's not offensive and it was fun for all ages.

There was even a bit of a convicting moment for me (the short clip below.) I laughed and then said, "hey!" when I realized it struck close to home. 

The second movie was The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. It wasn't anyone's favorite, but it was fun. It gave a funny glimpse into the way computers were perceived in the '60s. There was one objectionable scene where the main character got caught up in his new fame and walked through the press with a girl on each arm. He then kissed each of them. Otherwise, a decent movie and fun to talk about. The kids have no idea who Kurt Russell is, but it was entertaining for us old folks to see him as a kid.

Next was Princess Bride. I love Princess Bride. We've watched this movie dozens upon dozens of times. It is a true classic. The sword fight scene that I've shared below took roughly 6 months of training, with the actors doing their own fighting. There are lots of fun trivia bits on this movie scattered around the web. Toward the end of the film, Inigo Montoya's fight scene does include material not suited for young children. The Count is killed in this scene and Inigo is stabbed, but lives. Also, he uses some colorful language at the end of the fight. That's where the grown-ups in the room loudly say, "LaLaLaLaLA!!!" to cover it.

Last for January was Herbie the Love Bug. I fell asleep. The kids have seen it, but they still loved watching it again. They really are great movies and we'll likely see them all before the year is out. I can only see them so many times before they lull me to sleep though. It'll make a good time to knit while I "watch". 

One month into our goal and I'm very happy we decided to do this. It spills over into other areas. We're reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy again. We sat it down in October and forgot to pick it back up until last week. Honor, the 10 year old freak, could still remember EXACTLY what happened when we left off. She caught us all back up so we could jump back into the story. We discovered a new card game that all 6 of us can play (and enjoy!) and it's great for practicing math skills. We've had some great family time.

What are some of your family habits that you are enjoying this year? How are your goals coming along? Several friends are getting together to share their 52 in 52 goals. Be sure to check out their stories or share your own below:


  1. Fun post! We do not have "TV" so Fridays are our family movie nights. I will look forward to seeing what you all continue to watch. Thanks for the link up! Blessings!

  2. What a fun post! I love so many of these - your Despicable Me 2 clip had me laughing! We were blessed to get that movie for Christmas this year. Princess Bride is one of my favorites, and I haven't seen it in ages! Off to see if it's on Netflix....

    Thanks for linking up with 52 Weeks series! Have a blessed week!


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