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Settlers clues to personality types

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they organize their Settlers of Catan pieces.

A little OCD.

Some geekiness.
(It's a triforce and only geeks or their mothers would understand)

A little orneriness.

This is the first year the girls have been old enough to really participate in the family game. Gracie, the youngest is learning the hard way, illustrated by the following conversation:

Chris: Sarah Grace, you have SIX lumber. I am willing to give you THREE wheat for just one of them! 

Gracie: I can't. You're going to use it to destroy Mama.
Chris: I'm not using it to destroy her! I'm using it to keep her from destroying ME!
Me: Gracie, what it boils down to is this - Which parent do you love best?
Honor: (sounding desperate) May I be excused??
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  1. This made me laugh! :-) Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. That's great!! My kids love that game :)


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