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Christmas School - Day 1

Using Advent Idea Box as a guide, we studied Norway and the Advent Wreath. But first, we started our Jesse Tree. No ornament for day 1. The tree itself is the first ornament. The weather was perfect for branch-hunting. Each picked their favorite and then voted on which looked best on the wall. We used Command Hooks to attach it to the wall without scarring the paint. 
We recited Isaiah 11:1 and the kids remembered nearly all of it from last year!

Somehow, we misplaced our wreath we've used for the last 16 years. We're good at losing things.

We packed up and visited the local thrift store and found this $3 wreath and some candle holders. Our local stores don't carry Advent candles, so we pick whatever colors tickle our fancy each year.
The wreath came with a huge ugly bow and Christmas lights strung through it. We ripped off the extras and fluffed the branches. It turned out well, I think, considering.

The tiny candle I bought was far too small to fit in the middle, so we dug out a large 3-wick candle from the emergency box. It's not traditional, but we're pretending the three wicks represent the Trinity. That works, right?

I would love to see pictures of your family's advent wreaths! Please link them up below!

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting and for inviting us all to participate! :-)

  2. Oh, I LOVE seeing these! Beautiful!


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