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For Narnia and for Sarah!

Sarah Grace requested a Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe birthday party. She asked nearly a year ago, but I was sure she'd change her mind (I really hoped she'd change her mind) so I didn't pursue any plans for such a thing.  Because really, Narnia? How on EARTH?? And then her birthday was here. She still wanted it. She had complete confidence that I could pull it off. I had zero. I had been in denial for so long, I ran out of time to put much thought into it. But some lovely friends helped me out and Pinterest came in very handy. We did it! First, guests entered through the Wardrobe/Front Door.

Their first view was of a dreary snow scene (old sheets)....always winter, never Christmas.

Next, they turned into Mr. Tumnus' dwelling (our living room). They enjoyed some hot chocolate while listening to a small clip of the audiobook.

 I think Chris looks kind of like the actor who plays Mr. Tumnus. I told him he should welcome them, topless, but he didn't go for it. Next, we washed up and rolled Turkish Delight in powdered sugar. I thought this would keep us busy a bit longer, but no one liked it, so one strip of the candy was enough.

Turkish Delight was very surprising to me. Edmund was willing to trade his integrity for it. It had to be good, right? I just knew it was going to be a yummy caramel and chocolate treasure. It is actually a very squishy gum drop. It's main ingredient is cornstarch and it tastes like it. 
Next, the girls designed their own royal crowns, glamming it up with sequins. I love that Sarah Grace has to stick her tongue out when she concentrates.

My big girl, now 8 years old.


She had a book exchange instead of presents, so each girl went home with a book from her friends' shelves.


 We tried this on a weeknight, so only one friend was able to stay the night (one of the perks of homeschooling.) They posed in the beautiful fur coats loaned to us by friends.

Finally, they piled up on the couches and watched The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe until they fell asleep. I fell asleep before they did. Gracie says it was her best party ever. 
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  1. what a lovely idea! Dd turns 11 in Jan in SD - might make for a perfect Narnia party ; )

  2. That's fabulous! What is it with all these babies turning 8?!


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