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How to "follow" a blog

For my very sweet friends, attempting to help support me by following my blog, here is a brief tutorial for you. It's easier than you think. Honest!

To begin, look at the sidebar on the right and you'll find the label "Followers". Under this is a blue box that says "Join this Site". Click on this blue box. You then have several options:
  1. If you already have a Google, Twitter, or Yahoo account, the next step is super easy. You just click on the appropriate logo and sign in. Finished!
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  3. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for a google account. This option is underneath the 3 account logos I mentioned above. It is a brief, easy process and Google walks you through it.
  4. If blogger is in a mood, you'll get a message saying, "We're sorry. We are unable to process your request at this time." If that happens, you did nothing wrong; blogger just experiencing its rhythmic hormonal upset and it can't be helped. Thanks for trying. 

*Insert Maniacal Laughter Here*

It's been nearly a month without an update and I just realized what my last post was: a cute, naive hope that our little season of sickness was about finished. Bwahahahaha! Since then, we've had 3 children with pneumonia and then sinusitis. It was a doozy of a month. I snapped this picture of Gracie in the middle of the night. We both fell asleep during a breathing treatment. 

The adorableness and snuggle time made this a surprisingly not-terribly-unpleasant season of sickness. Lots of reading. Lots of hot tea. Lots of cuddles. Lots of Doctor Who. Lots of Jane Eyre. If it weren't for the complete lack of sleep, anxiety over their oxygen levels, lingering smell of sickness, or being completely cut-off from outside human interaction, it would have been outright enjoyable. 

Everyone is well now. We're moving slowly, like RipVan Winkle recently awakened, but we're moving. We're jumping (in slow motion) back into school this week and it feels good to be alive. 

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