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Physics - The Scientific Method

The goal for this week was to learn how to properly use the Scientific Method and to create good Science Journals.

We began the week with some easy experiments from Super Charged Science. The first was to see how many drops of water could fit on a penny. We discussed changing variables and tried using cold pennies and hot pennies, clean pennies and dirty pennies. It was interesting and easy and made a great introduction for documenting an experiment.

We covered pendulums and weights and some other easy experiments before tackling our big project of the week: a linear accelerator. I told my husband, Chris that we were about to build a Gauss Rifle and he was downright giddy with excitement. I let him take over for that one since he was so eager.

I sweep daily. I really do.
The boys used a lot of initiative for this project and I was really proud of all of them.
We like to incorporate God's Holy Word in our homeschool as much as possible.
  I loved watching their eyebrows furrow and their minds whir as they wondered and tweaked and figured things out.
Once the assigned project was over, they wanted to keep trying out new ideas. How far could it shoot? Farther than my living room. We tried the church gym. Farther than that. We tried the parking lot. It was hot and rough asphalt, so our marble only traveled about a foot. This made more interesting discussion.

Science and boys' brains. Such a beautiful combination!

Here is a video of Chris demonstrating the sample Gauss Rifle that he built and tested before the boys did their experiment:

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