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Physics for the bedridden

I have always been terrified of meningitis. It's the crazy stuff that I can't control that seems to freak me out the most. Joel scared the snot out of us Thursday morning when he woke up with a high fever and a stiff neck. We rushed him to the hospital immediately. The hospital rushed him into a lumbar puncture and other testing.

Thankfully, those tests came back clear and it was decided that Joel just had a nasty bug. He was sent home with instructions to stay on the couch for 3 days (completely flat on his back for the first 12 hours) and to watch t.v. and drink caffeine.

If he weren't so miserable, he would have loved it. He remembers very little of that morning, thanks to some good drugs. Apparently Joel and morphine get along reeeeeally well. Chris asked him how he was feeling and Joel announced, "This is GREAT. I'm on crack. I have a blaaaanket. I feel like Christmas! But I'm sad."

His fever stayed scary-high all day and evening long, but it broke in the middle of the night and he woke up fever-free. Today, his neck is still stiff, but he can move it. He tried to forge a doctor's note declaring that he should be dismissed from school, but I didn't fall for it. We managed to get in some reading and our physics class.

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