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Day 4 of freebies!

I love calendars. I download, buy, and create about a dozen each school year and I fill them all in until one by one they drop from use and I finally settle on the one I want. Weird? It's just so hard to decide which one will be the perfect one. In the end, it's generally Google Calendar. But I need paper in hand when I'm planning school. I need something to doodle on while I sort my thoughts.

My children love to have calendars on their dividing walls. We use tri-fold presentation boards to separate workspaces and my children love decorating these with their own personal flair. I also use a calendar for our morning board. As our new school year approaches, I'm in a calendar creating mood. For myself, I usually just create plain-jane items. I don't want to use much ink for my personal notebook. I choose pretty calendars for the kids' boards, but I've never made them myself. Instead, I pick them up at Hello Cuteness. Today, I tried my hand at making my own. What do you think?

To me, it's just too busy. I don't have an artist's eye. What would you do differently? 

Here is a quick-view calendar (2 pages) that let's you list holiday, birthdays, upcoming unit studies, whatever tickles your fancy:
The image shown is page one of my Year List form. For a prettier font, try Year List 2

One last form for the day. When organizing my school year, I also keep in mind my layout for high school. I begin this form when mine are in 6th and 7th grade. It gets plenty of tweaking, but it is a good reference for me over the course of their high school years. There are 3 pages in the To Graduate file, the first with subject prompts while the rest are blank with 2 font choices.

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