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Day 2 of Organizational Freebies

It's not just for homeschooling families, obviously, but homeschooling families certainly know that the stress of coming up with something to cook for dinner can make or break the success of a homeschool day. Many evenings have seen me dissolve into a puddle of tears because one of my children innocently asked, "Mama, what's for dinner?"

I came up with a very simple Menu Plan to help me be prepared for those moments. It lists the days of the week down the left side, but we rarely stick to those. They are guidelines, really. Just suggestions. What really makes this work for me is that I know that I have the ingredients in my fridge and pantry to create any food item on the page. I have options!

I love that there is room for notes, so I can remind myself to thaw the roast on Wednesday to enjoy on Friday. I love that there is room for everything. I keep these weekly menu plans and reuse them. When I just don't know what to use, I pull out a tried and true week that I know we'll enjoy. More often, we like to try new things and end up creating new menu plans.

I've created several font options for you and I'd love to hear which is your favorite. I'd also love to hear about some of your favorite go-to meals. Seriously, I really want to add some go-to favorites to my repertoire. It makes my school days much easier.

Be sure to check out the 89 other blogs participating in this helpful week of articles. I particularly think you should check out my friend Beth's week long discussion about Charlotte Mason and Living Books at Acorn Hill Academy. Good stuff, that.
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  1. Very nice menu planning forms. My favorite font is #4 but then I do like the more Victorian look. They're all cute though. Thank you for sharing.


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