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A Week of Free Printables!

**UPDATE**  I shared the wrong link earlier this morning. As of 1:45 this afternoon, the link is now fixed. Sorry about that!

My family begins school on Labor Day every year. My general pattern is to randomly collect books that catch my eye throughout the summer and pile them in a corner until the pile topples. By August, I realize the new school year is looming and I sit down to do some actual planning.

The first course of action is to figures out what my options are. There are always about twice as many options as what can actually be given to my children without bordering on abuse. Wading through the piles is a messy process, but I'd rather see it all at the beginning of the year and narrow down from there, than to try sneaking more and more into our year as I find new and interesting things throughout the school year. It helps to look at the big picture and see what really suits us. Generally, I can't see it on my own. I take my list and pray over it; God knows what my kids need to study. The trick is stepping back and listening.

To get a look at what our year might look like, I use this Course of Study form. I fill it up and rearrange a few times. I pray. I rearrange. I pray. I rearrange. I make a new copy and fill it in with my plans for the year. Here's an idea of how I use mine:

The new form can be saved and used as a reference for when younger siblings someday begin that same grade. But if yours are like mine, this rarely works. It does give a nice starting point though and at least triggers memories of things we loved and that I don't want to miss.

In the link, I have provided 3 free copies of the form, in different fonts to suit your preference. Let me know what you think! Also, let me know what other forms you might find handy. I love making these pages and would love new ideas for helpful printables.

I'll be sharing something new each day, so be sure to check back.

As we approach the new school year, it's a great time to check out many other helpful articles from Schoolhouse Crew Members. Be sure to follow the link below for some great ideas!

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