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What is it??

This pesky critter has been in my garden for several weeks, but it has contained itself to a few strange thorny weeds. Those weeds are another What Is It question for another day. A few days ago, these pests attacked my potato leaves. I have never seen them before in my life. Can you identify them for me?

They flick off rather easily. They tend to curl into a ball like rolly-polly bugs (that's not their real name, is it?) if you poke them. They squish very easily, but with a squirty POP if they are full sized.

Please tell me if you know anything about these nasty critters or how to eradicate them. 


  1. It's a potato beetle of some sort...

  2. EW! Not sure... but good luck!

  3. They look like the larvae of the Colorado Potato Beetle. Check out the pics here on pages 13/14:

  4. It is the Colorado Potato Beetle! Thank you for your help, gals!


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