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Tractor Pull

My boys are homeschooled, but they attend band with our local public school. The band is taking a big trip next year, which means my boys have been busy this summer with lots of fundraising. One easy fundraiser was manning the ticket booth at a recent tractor & truck pull. I chaperoned. 
I had never seen a Tractor Pull. I've heard them from my bedroom window late into to the night, but I've never seen them in person. Thanks to band fundraising, I was able to see them wayyyyy up close and personal.

Our town scheduled the truck pull alongside a visiting carnival. It made a pretty backdrop and inspired some tea towel embroidery before it got too dark to sew.

In addition to being extremely noisy (which I knew), tractor pulls are extraordinarily smoky.  
Though probably not anything I'm ever going to pay money to see, it made for a fun, hazy, and oddly beautiful night. 
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